Cooking for myself

It's been long since I last cooked for myself. As in cook cook. As in everyday cook for my meals. College! Yes, back when I was in college, I cooked all my meals from breakfast to dinner. I wake up really early to prep and pack my lunch. Packed lunch saves me a lot of time during lunch break. Instead of going out to buy food, I just sit on one of the chairs along the corridor and feast on my baon. Then straight to my books. No time wasted. Ask my batchmates, they can all attest to that because we all do that. :) For us, every second counts.

Moving forward to present time... Lately, I've developed this enthusiasm in exploring seafood dishes from different restaurants to support my pescatarianism. Then I thought, I can't always be eating at a restaurant or I'll go broke (not to mention it's kind of hard to find a restaurant that serves GOOD seafood dishes). So I decided to learn how to make them on my own. A few minutes ago, I made bangus carbonara and it was sooo awesome (trust me when I say walang halong bias yun, I usually don't like what I cook). Looking forward to cooking more seafood dishes. For now, I'll start with simple dishes. Baby steps. :)

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