CRS Team Building 2012 (Palm Beach Resort)

[April 9] As soon as Supercat docked to Batangas pier, I hurriedly went to ride a bus headed to Lipa to meet Joice. The college bus picked us up in Lipa before heading to Palm Beach Resort (Hugom, San Juan). Here are some blank shots of most parts of the resort taken using an Xperia Arc S 8mp camera:
Day 1 activities: snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, swim, swim, swim. :)

Other than the sceneries, what I enjoyed most was the intimate Draw Something activity we had in our (Micki and my) room. We were six in that little party of ours. I don't have a snapshot of what we looked like that night but here are some phrases to help you with the mental picture: six [zombies] lying down, spread across the entire room hungry for coins, each holding their weapon of choice (iPad, iPhone, android phone), connected to the resort's speedy WiFi, eyes intently focused on their screens, concentrating on the word, the drawing and on getting those elusive 249 coins to buy the Mardi Gras palette (or any other set). Hihi!
Day 2: our college regent, Fr. Valdez, visited us all the way from Manila just to check on what's happening. We didn't disappoint him because he enjoyed watching us in our little beach game (which our team won, btw).

Here are some miscellaneous shots of our room. Pardon the bed, that was shot right after I tried fixing it before leaving the resort. The room holds a max of 4 pax (2-double beds). It also has separate bath and toilet rooms, a terrace overlooking the shore, a personal ref, and more.
My photos don't give justice to the niceness of the room and the resort thus I'm linking some of their website photos here:

Palm Beach Resort is located at Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, right after Laiya. It is 3-hours away from Manila. For details on accommodations and amenities, visit their website at


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