Balikbayan Date #2

LUWI || 04.21.12 @ Jollibee Shaw & EDSA Shang
I'm so thankful that this guy never fails to meet me up whenever he's in the country (rockband, lunch, dinner, EK, coffee, etc.). This is his first official uwi since he started his residency in Connecticut but this is not our first date since he resigned as a faculty member of our alma mater to pave way for his MD residency. Thing is, laging puno ang calendar nya for meet ups with old friends (lunch and dinner dates!). So what we did was to have breakfast together para naman maiba. The original plan was to go to Mamang Taho in Dapitan because he wants to have taho after so long. But since April and May are usual lean months (not much students to cater to), they open up really late. We went for plan Bee instead. Plan Bee as in Jollibee!
(Whenever the two of us are together, wala talaga kaming matinong kuha.)

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