Selecta Magnum

Whattap! Look at what had just arrived on the Philippine shores. It's one of the most famous brands in the realm of ice cream!!! Yep yep! It's none other than Magnum! This ice cream is so famous that in the past, it had been endorsed by big stars like Eva Longoria, Josh Holloway, and Benicio del Toro. Its latest Hollywood endorser is Rachel Bilson.

An hour ago, I went to the nearest grocery store to try this. There was no solo pack available so I was forced to buy a box with 3 pcs in it (kunwari napilitan pero gusto naman talaga). I just tried it and I told myself I wouldn't postpone blogging about it. I must tell the world how good it is! Haha! Imagine, I have a lecture due tomorrow and I'm not even done with my presentation but here I am typing away whatever I could say about this impressive classic creation called Magnum. Haaay.  Okay, back to work! Haha!

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