PT-OT Oathtaking - March 2012, Manila Hotel

One of my favorite aspects of my being an officer of Philippine Physical Therapy Association is the PRC Oath-taking. Every March and September, I get to join all the newly-licensed physical therapists of the country for their induction as professionals. Not only that, I get to read all their names to be recognized by the board of examiners. I dread the September oath-taking more than the March because it has a higher number of examinees, hence the higher number of passers. Reading 400 to 500++ names in front of higher officials, new professionals and their parents is not a joke. I'm scared that I might miss a name and that someone will be terribly mad at me. Luckily, I always get help from my fellow officers. Once, Sir Boyet (the VP External) joined me on-stage. Twice (including today), our treasurer Sir Arthur King helped read half of the list. I badly needed that help earlier because of my undying cough! *coughs*

Here's a picture of me and D2 holding our plaque for UST (as one of the top performing schools in PT). This year, we're only at second place. Should I be sad? Yes and no. My reasons, I'll keep to myself. I am, on the other hand, very happy (without b.s.) for my colleagues in Mariano Marcos State University (Sir Boyet and Sir Ted) for being the top performing school for this licensure exam season.
Congratulations to my students from St. Jude College and UST for your licenses as professionals! Always remember, with great power comes great responsibilities!

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