New Bombay and the Xperia Experience

Last Saturday, Eilu and I went to Glorietta to look for her new TV. She was satisfied with the trip because she got what she wanted: a Samsung 43" plasma TV. I, on the other hand, didn't find the tablet that I was looking for. Puro Apple iPad2. No wonder why Apple's iPad is so much more famous than the others. They're the only ones available aside from Samsung's Galaxy series. Even if the demand for other tablet rises, the fact that they don't make it available here in the Philippines defeats the purpose of researching for the best tablet you want. Phooey! I've been waiting my tablet of choice for over two months now, still no stock! Double phooey!

Anyway, I didn't come home empty-handed that day. I bought mee-self a new smartphone because my Blackberry is dying on me already. I didn't opt for another BB. Plagiarizing Eilu's exact words: "Blackberry is a sinking ship!".
These past few months, I've been eye-ing for a HTC phone. Why did I end up with the not-so famous Sony Ericsson smartphone? One word: camera. Sony is much more into this field than HTC. :) Here are my first few shots, a taste of New Bombay.
Other than the camera, I also love how this phone looks. The shape, its thinness and the slim edges. I don't like round-edged phone. :p Full-specs of the phone deserve a separate post. Right now, all I can say is: HAIL, ANDROID!

[Lord, salamat po. Sobra! =)]


Aizzing said...

so that explains why you didn't respond on my BBM last week? :(

Rian G. said...

I sent you a twitter DM, so sorry...