My n-th tarpaulin

Despite my non-creativeness and simplistic taste, I always get requests here and there to make a tarpaulin for this and that. To be honest, I don't know why. I've lost count on how many tarpaulins I've made (layout and print) in my life. Below are two layouts (same content) I made just a couple of minutes ago for our weekend activity, the Nuvali Run. Nope, we're not going to run but we are going to man the PHYSICAL THERAPY AREA for the 42K run sponsored by UniLab. UST's PT faculty members will be the official physical therapists of the event. Our department chairwoman asked us to prep promotional materials about PT. This is one great venue to let everyone know that PTs are NOT masseuse. :)

My fingers are now crossed, hoping there'd be NO injured participants on Sunday. Anyway, I need to sleep now. Must wake up early to have the tarp printed. Happy weekend everyone!

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