I am a very proud daughter!

My father has that unlimited amount of thirst for knowledge with matching bottomless perseverance. He doesn't want to be idle even for just a while (as proven by his effort in wanting to go back to work one month after his early retirement). I never really talked much about my father here in my blog, so allow me to say a few things about his academic life and how the two of us are so different from each other (masipag sya, ako ay may katamaran).

He took up AB English in Notre Dame College (not sure if it was Tarlac or Gen San). When I was 6 years old, he finished his Master's in Business Administration (at this point, talo ko sya because I earned my master's degree at 25, hehe!). While I was in my late elementary to early highschool years, he was studying Law at a local college in our hometown. Even though he didn't pass the bar exam, it didn't stop the urge for lifelong learning in him. I was even surprised when I found out recently that he's taking up his PhD! My golay, nahihiya na talaga ako. At my age, I am already dreading the thought of PhD samantalang ang tatay ko, kulang na lang maging Professor Emeritus ng bigas, provincial jail and/or capitol (long story, will talk about these some other time).

Flashback to December of last year. He sent me to PRC to inquire about the licensure examination for real estate brokers. Then he asked me to look for a school/course that will give him the required 120 units to take the exam. Luckily, my friend Nevin's father owns one! My father enrolled himself, took weekend classes from January to March (hops onto the RORO or Supercat on Friday, back to Mindoro by Sunday) and tried so hard to learn how to open his email just so he could download the study materials given by his instructor/s. He even mentioned once, "ang hirap nang mag-memorize, matanda na talaga ako...". He is turning 60 on June, btw.
I didn't really ask him why he wanted to be a real estate broker but I always understand my father whether we talk about something or not. He retired 4 years earlier than the usual retiring age and he felt life's so boring when you just stay at home and do nothing. No office to go to, no ricemill to visit, no new people to meet (to the nth level ang pagka-PR ng tatay ko!). He did too many things before he even got to the idea of taking the exam. In short, he's really looking for something to fill-in the gap of his once busy life.

Congrats Pa. And thank you for passing onto my DNA that thirst for lifelong learning. Thank you for the inspiration. :)


Aizzing said...

wow! congrats to your dad! such a role model. :)

Rian G. said...

haha! ang hirap na masyadong complex ang profile ng role model, nahihirapan din ako.