Zero Unread :)

Look at my Gmail inbox! It's clean! Zero unread and zero un-filed! I've finally managed to put all 3,000++ messages into their respective categories!!! Yey for me! In my Gmail, I've got two main categories: Personal and Work. And under each category, I still have lots of subcategories. I won't enumerate all subcategories in here because that's just synonymous to saying "WARNING: you'll be bored for the next 'n' number of lines or so."

See, see! De-cluttering is not just done inside one's apartment or bag or wardrobe. Your cyber accounts need de-cluttering every once in a while too! If you can't do that and if you don't have enough time to categorize them into "x" number of folders, just hit the ARCHIVE button and it'll do the rest for you! Read the Archive feature of your email accounts before doing so! Happy cyber cleaning!

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