Tuesday night is sleepover night

This is my usual Tuesday night. I have a room mate once a week and she's none other than Emily. Why does she have to stay over every Tuesday night? Because her schedule goes something like this: she's teaching in graduate school every Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm and undergrad the next day from 7am til 7pm. Imagine if she'll head home from UST to North Edsa at 9 in the evening (with the current situation in Araneta Ave.), she'll be wasting 2 hours of her life commuting back home, sleep for a couple of hours and be up as early as 4 in the morning the next day only to head back to UST just in time for her 7am class. That's like 4 hours of your life wasted in traffic that you can never take back. So she decided to just stay with me every Tuesday night, where we watch AXN's Cash Cab Asia (ang gwapo gwapo talaga ni Oli Pettigrew!!!) and Wipe Out (we always try to assess what possible musculoskeletal conditions did the contestants acquire during the course of the game... yeah, we are our profession's so-called nerds!) every single week! But since, Wipe Out is currently on hiatus, its time slot was replaced by The Voice season 2.

In this photo, we're listening to the latest season of The Voice while trying to finish our PRELIMS. I'm helping her out in constructing test items for her undergrad subject PT seminar 2. I sure hope the 4th year PTs did enjoy answering those questions. :)

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