PT Department's post-prelims detox

The last time the department did this was last November (click here) and that was actually the time when we planned to go Lazer-tagging or bowling, but ended up KTV-ing. So this time, we finally pushed through with bowling right after we had lunch at Recipes (no tummy porn documentation this time, we were so hungry after proctoring one whole batch of students the whole morning).

Guys, I am proud to say that my bestfriend Dimple is a professional/champion/master bowler. That is the very reason why I am not going to divulge what my score was after the game. Hahahaha! I'm shy with the score I got, not to mention all the "kanals" I made during the game. Que horror! Haha. Anyway, it was all for fun and the game really served its purpose: to detoxify our stressed minds. I hope I could play with Dimps this April when she comes home from Abu Dhabi so I can get tips from the master!
(pictures taken without permission from Dimps' blog, hehe)


lostkid said...

Haha! Ry hindi ako champion bowler. Super naaddict lang ako aksi fun naman di ba? Nakaka-adik kasi lalo na if makaktsamba na strike :) And good thing pa kahit sa pagtanda natin we can play :) Tara! Let us play sa April :)

Rian Gabor said...

Hindi ba considered na champion ka kung madaming beses ka na naging bowler of the week? Hehe.

Excited na akong mag-april!!!