I find it really hard to be benign during the months of February and March every single freaking year!!! Even though I look forward to the annual summer break, I still have to undergo a ginormous amount of stress before I get there. I am not complaining. I've been used to it ever since I entered CRS as a student. And it certainly doesn't help ease the toxicity being the one working in it now.

I know I don't have hundreds or thousands of readers that's why I'll save you from the undying intro "pardon for having been absent for a couple of blah blah blah blah". Besides, I don't write to impress anyone or to flaunt what I've done or show off this and that (although sometimes, I e-brag! hehe). I simply write for myself. This space in the web is primarily for myself and secondarily for whoever is interested and ready to waste their precious time reading through my posts. There's no guarantee that one will learn from whatever I write in here but I do hope they get a few of this and a few of that whenever they visit. Under the aforementioned "secondarily" is to inspire even for just a little (emphasis on inspire, NOT impress).

I want to see my February photos posted here, soooooon! As I browse through them, I can see that they're highly-vibrant in color (and highly-suggestive that February had been a whirlpool of events not only in the college but also in the association!). As soon as I finish my three lectures this week, I will surely continue my documentation. I'm excited to blog!!! (Talk about simple joys of life.)

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