Hypertension, Lipid, Atherosclerosis

(A long overdue post)

The association sent me together with @mikeptrp to attend the joint convention of Philippine Society of Hypertension and Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society last February 8. Guess who their keynote speaker was? She's a woman of power, one whom I truly look up to. She's none other than Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

During her keynote, she shared a lot about her thoughts on hypertension (being someone who is hypertensive) and the ongoing impeachment trial. My favorite part was when she talked about the process of how lawyers accept cases and her strategy on how to politely decline some cases she doesn't want to handle. I won't go into detail anymore. On the other hand, her opening lines are worth-sharing. She kicked-off her speech with pick-up lines (na napapanahon noon because of the nearing Valentine's celebration). If you're like me who is mababaw and considers corny jokes as guilty pleasure, then you are in luck! Hehe.

"Girl: Saan tayo magde-date sa Valentine's? Boy: Sa sementeryo! Girl: Bakit doon? Boy: Para mapatunayan kong patay na patay ako sa'yo."
"Pedicab ka ba? Pedicabang i-date sa Valentine's Day?"
"Ang love, parang bayad sa jeep. Minsan, hindi nasusuklian."
"Bulaklak ka ba? Paa mo kasi maugat."
"Ang sabi nila, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' Kung guwapo o maganda ang doctor, ayoko na ng apple."
"Pwede bang magpa-blood test? Para malaman mo na type kita."
"Malapit na ang Valentine's Day ah. Pero bakit ikaw mukha ka pa ring Halloween?"
"Tuwing makikita ko ang mukha mo, parang gusto kong sumigaw ng 'Objection!"
"Gusto kitang kasuhan ng trespassing. Kasi basta-basta ka lang pumapasok sa puso ko."
"Empleyado ka ba? Empleyado rin ako. Pwede tayong magkaroon ng union."

After the opening ceremony, I had like a bajillion chance of having my picture taken with the Senator. But Mike and I were too shy to approach her. This was the closest we ever got: (I know, bummah!)

The convention was a 3-day event but I wasn't able to finish it because we had an ongoing preliminary examination that same week. Congratulations to PSH and PLAS for the good line-up of scientific programme (that I missed! shame).

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