How to take care of your laptop

How long have you had your laptop? Are you loyal to a certain brand? Do you always switch gadgets whenever there's a new fad in the market? Or are you the type of person who would use his/her stuff hangga't magagamit pa?

My laptop has been with me for three years and two months now. I call it "black mamba" (please don't ask me why :p). Back then, it had the most marvelous specs one could ever think of in a laptop that's mostly used for word processing, computation of grades and powerpoint presentation. Ika nga ng sister ko, sobra sobra ung specs na pinili ko para sa trabahong gagawin nung laptop. Nevertheless, I still went for it. Ayoko naman na bulok ang specs ni black mamba compared sa predecessor nya. Black mamba is a HP Pavilion DV5. It's an entertainment PC. One can play heavy games on it but it's more on the movies than on the gaming side. My previous laptop was an HP Pavilion DV3 which I used for almost two years. It was a hand-me-down from my sister after she used it for two years. I handed it down to my little brother in 2008 and up until now, he's still using it! Nice run right?! Three users plus almost 7 years of computer life is really an achievement for that tiny thingy.

Anyway, the reason I made this entry is I wanted to share how I take care of my lappy. Don't ever think that I'm such a neat freak when it comes to my lappy, I'm not even the slightest of that! I eat in front of my laptop throwing crumbs all over my keyboard (yes, I know, baboy!), I let dust accumulate in it, I let weeks pass by before I remove the smudges on my screen, and many many more. Hindi ako malinis pagdating sa mga ganyan. Pero maingat ako pagdating sa takbo ng hardware mismo.

Are you ready for the greatest tip you're ever gonna get from me? Hehe.

Don't let your laptop heat up!

There's a reason why those exhaust fans exist and that same reason tells us that it's such a bad idea to let your laptop rest on top of your bed or on a pillow whenever you let it sit on top of your lap. Have you tried breathing through a pillow or gasping for air when your face is down against the bed? Ang hirap huminga dba! Your laptop needs to breathe too so don't leave it like that even for just a second.

Factor in humidity! Our country is so humid as compared to others. And take note that most of our electronic devices are imported. Meaning, when they fabricated those devices, they did it considering mainly what works best for their country. An expert told me that sometimes, a device that has a lifespan of x years in its country of origin (i.e. cold), might only have less than that when used in our country (i.e. temperate).

So how can you ensure that your laptop is constantly breathing?
You may use breakfast trays with longitudinal cut-outs (like the one I'm using above) instead of pillows on your lap to ensure the exhaust fan is sufficiently exposed. Don't use books as book surfaces do not have pores or windows therefore, they are not breathable.

(Pardon the "new item" tag. I just bought the fan when I took this shot. Well, could I make it any more obvious, right?) I learned this from my friend Eilu. She has a small fan dedicated for her laptop. Pero exagg ako, mas malaki pa yang fan na binili ko! Hindi lang ako exagg, overkill pa! May laptop cooler pa sa ilalim oh. Sinong takot mag-overheat ang laptop? Hindi ako!!!
Here's an aerial snapshot of my work table taken a few minutes before I started writing this entry. I don't want to take a frontal view of my lappy because it's dusty! Hehehe. I think it's time to use Donald's christmas gift for me. Signos na ito na kelangan nang maglinis ng laptop:


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