'Ben' there, done that!

I am once again missing the music of MJ and I blame it on the latest episode of Glee. I may not be a die-hard Michael Jackson fan but I feel like his music's embedded in me. Despite my love for anything "noisy" (according to most people, rock is noise), I never ever have forgotten that I grew up singing and dancing to the sound of anything Jackson. Ndi ko man alam ang lyrics ng lahat ng kanta nya (lalo na nung panahon na dark-skinned pa sya), for sure magtatatalon ako sa mga kanta nya (of course pag appropriate lang).

Ow & btw, Sulic & Hauser were awesome in that episode too!!! A lot of people nowadays do get appearance(s) on TV after they get viral on Youtube. Isn't that nice?! Hmm, makagawa nga ng video na ikaka-viral ko! O baka virus ang kalabasan?!

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