The beginning of the 5th century...

Last January 27, the whole Thomasian community finally closed the Quadricentennial celebration. The Dominicans concelebrated the Holy Mass together with over a hundred bishops from all over the Philippines. (Pramis, andami nila! Parang present silang lahat, mga around 150 or more. Ang haba nung procession!)
I stayed inside the faculty room while waiting for 4:00pm to happen (that's when the Holy Mass would start). There was nothing to do since I forgot all my paperworks at home so I just tinkered with the filter of my camera. Haaay. My subjects: Q-ster (the tiger stuff toy), the heart pillow (which isn't mine) and my whole desk/cubicle.

 Then we went out. From this point forward, it's going to be pretty much pictures only.

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