Velada Tomasina

Here´s my outfit during last Wednesday's Thomasian event Velada Tomasina. I didn't prepare anything for that day as I was nursing a killer migraine last Tuesday. I wanted to look for a historical costume but the headache was just too unbearable. So I didn't bother going out. But my ever reliable co-faculty Mam Emily brought two historical costumes during her sleepover at my apartment last Tuesday night. She lent me this and I'm so happy to "belong".

All my students in Orthotics and Prosthetics laboratory were wearing their own historical costume. It was such a breath of fresh air seeing them (and us teachers) wearing something that's outdated yet so new to our eyes. Fortunately, we didn't do any splints that day so our outfits were just fine.

To know more about this event, click here.

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