Moves like Jaeger

Jaeger's my bestFRIENemy. He's my groupmate in college and you know what that means: groupmates have contradicting views and choices almost everytime about almost everything (read: case pres, decury, & other PT stuff). Jaeger and I were no exception to that rule. But outside our group works, outside internship, he's such a good friend. He's my best bud during internship (we had almost all the same electives). He's the barkada I had when my barkada was scattered across all the groups of the batch. We even went to Japan together to present our undergraduate thesis in the Asian Confederation for PT.
He's been working as a PT in a hospital in Maryland since 2009 and, if my memory serves me right, this is his first time to come back to Manila. Our last meeting was during his send-off dinner:
at Mr. Kabab, West Ave.
Then last night, we met again. Oh how I missed this guy sooo much! He still has his old boisterous laughter, ung tipong mabibigyan kayo ng mass DM (demerits) or mapapagsabihan ng SWDB (back then it was Mrs. A, our current Dean) dahil sa sobrang ingay! Hehe. Peace Jaegs!
at Tempura Banawe with Eu, GV and Em (yes, tipid sila sa nicknames)
Em and GV are currently working on their pre-residency at UST hospital. They'll be taking the Medicine board exam this August. God bless peeps! On the other hand, Eu is prepping to leave for the US. He's gonna work there as a PT in Florida. Haayst, ako na lang ata natitira dito sa Pinas mong my batchmates na hindi doktor! Hehe.
jumped to Yoh-Froz for desserts
And the catching up went on. We all had our own stories to tell, from PT law to medicine practice to living a life abroad. Thanks Eu for organizing this meet-up. Thanks Dr. Liabres and Dr. Musni for the time. We feel your toxicity. And thanks to Jaeger for showing yourself up! Hehehe. See you soon!

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