Heavy Rain for PS3

I have had my PS3 for almost two years now and I must say this is the first time I've fully enjoyed that gaming console of mine. You see, I am not the type of person who wastes hours and hours of time playing video games. Neither do I play games on my laptop. The last time I indulged into playing until midnight (or past that) was 3 years ago (read: PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES). Hehe. After that, I never saw myself playing any kind of games except for the occasional Metal Gear Solid for PS3 (Snaaaaaake!), Silent Hill, Tekken and Soul Calibur. Most of the time, I'm just a spectator. And what do I do as a spectator? I sit, I eat, I cheer. I just watch my boys play whatever game they want to play. I do join them in the fight whenever they need to solve a puzzle or a riddle and the like. Hehe! Kunwari ako ung "brainy brains" ng grupo! Langya!
So last weekend, I had this game called Heavy Rain. I popped it in, started playing and I really liked it! Mind you, I was alone when this happened. My boys weren't around that day. I started Saturday afternoon and finished the next day, not even 24 hours! I like how the makers of the game put too many twists in the story. As in! I'm telling you, the game has so MANY ending's'! It will end depending on how you decide to play the game, on what choices you make for each character and on how you survive each challenge. You, as the player, are like the writer of the story! You know what, I should stop describing it. I'm not really a game reviewer so I might ruin it for you with all the selling and when you play it, it might just disappoint you. You might think that: "Eto? Nagustuhan 'to ni Rian?". Hehe. I warn you, I am not a hard core gamer. This is just my opinion of the first game that I totally loved so my advice is to not trust my taste, for now! Hehe. As if naman magiging hard core gamer ako in the future!

My plan is to play the game once more in the near future. But I have to invest on my PS3 MOVE peripherals. I think that it's best played with the MOVE Joystick and MOVE navigation controller. Amazon, I might shop at you again soon!

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