UST Faculty Union Christmas Party

December 9, 2011
Plaza Mayor
Theme: Philippine Feast

Yearly, over 1,000 UST faculty members celebrate Christmas with tons of food, dance numbers, video presentation and ang pinakaaabangang raffle prizes. This year's theme was Philippine Feast. At first I was kind of skeptic to join because it's the beginning of the end of the week (Friday) and I just want to lie down in my bed. Plus, the theme wasn't that appealing for me. But I still decided to go. Fortunately, I have a Filipiniana in my closet that I can wear to the party. (As an officer of the profession's organization PPTA, it's kinda expected that you invest on some Filipiniana outfits that you can wear during oathtaking of newly-licensed PTs and OTs.

During the night of celebration, each college was represented by a pair of Lakan and Lakambini. Mark Abenir (Social Sciences Prof) and Glow Vicente (Psych Prof) is our college's Lakan and Lakambini respectively.

M'Glow and S'Abenir at the UST Main Bldg's Grand Staircase 

And since my shutterbug is still in hibernation (grabe, more than a year nang tulog un ah!), these are the only shots I've got:
And some more photos taken by my co-faculty members:
Anyway, the food was great and the programme was okay. It didn't rain either. I didn't win the raffle draw though. Maybe next year I will! :) Hats off to the organizers!

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