UST CRS Faculty-Admin Christmas Party

December 14, 2011
PT Skills Laboratory

I'm not going to talk about everything that happened during this night (this will also apply to my succeeding entries that has a "Christmas party" on the title) because we all pretty much know what happens in a Christmas party. There's food, games, some singing acts, the most awaited raffle and of course, exchanging gifts. So what I'm gonna do is post some pictures, say a few lines and that's it.

For this particular Christmas party, the organizers hired RED as caterers for the night. We had awesome food, a few fun games and very nice raffle prizes! I won a trip-for-two bay cruise and buffet from Sir Paul's travel agency. I still have to figure out when to use it and find out who's gonna tag along with me. As for the exchange gifts, our gift theme was CUTE and USEFUL so I gave out something that comes in handy for someone who travels abroad very often: a cute universal adaptor. I didn't know who got my gift. Sayang, I wanted to do a demo pa naman. Tsk.

The overall theme was Disney (anything Disney: classic movies, modern, Disney channel, etc. basta nakikita na may tatak na DISNEY). I went as "Ms" Bean because that's the only costume I could think of that's easy to prepare within less than a day, plus I got to bring mee Teddy to the partee. Heehee. Halloo *Mr Bean voice*

Here are the photos of PT and OT departments. I didn't get to take pics of the other department. Well, either that or they didn't pose for one.

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