PT department Christmas party

December 16, 2011
PT Skills Laboratory

Yes, another Christmas party! I know, I know! But this time, it's a smaller and more intimate type of party. Just us PTs. We did it right after our last proctoring schedule. Could you imagine us squeezing our last ATPs (energy) after a week-long examination just to enjoy this parteih?! Well, I'm telling you it was effortless! We all had fun! Thanks to our resident comedian Venezia Villanueva. Hehehe. I think she's gonna kill me for calling her that (or maybe give me a memo! CHED!)

Present were 16 out of 25 PT faculty members. Top row (L-R): Emily, Mike, Ian, Beboi, Arlene; mid-row: Joice, D2, X, Louis, D1, Ken; bottom row: Micki, Rian, Che, Ven, Abi.

Some behind the scene photos:

The highlight of our party was the gift-grabbing portion. It's an extraordinary way of exchanging gifts which I will explain on my next entry.

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