PPTA Educators SIG Christmas Party

December 17, 2011
Casa Peralta @ Avida Towers

I've learned the act of gift grabbing from my fellow Educators two years ago. I've been a member for three years now and this is my third Christmas party with them. Want to look back at our previous parteihs? Here's our 2009 Christmas party and 2010 Christmas party.
Here's the PPTA president with Disney princesses [Peralta kids] Pia (left) and Mica (right)
We had lots of food that night: Amber's BBQ c/o Sir Nap, Hong Kong noodles c/o Sir Royson, California Maki c/o moi, seafood pasta c/o Mam Che, Salido's buttered chicken c/o Sir Arthur, all kinds of desserts from cake to ice cream to flat tops c/o Mam Mar, Mam Betchay, Mam Gay, Sir Fer, Sir D2 and Sir Mike G.
The act of gift-grabbing is initiated by an appointed member of the group. The initiator will pick one item from the "gift pool" relying only on barognosis and a little bit of stereognosis. Once he's done choosing his item, he'll open it and expose the gift. The next person has a chance to either choose from the gift pool or to "grab" the item from the previous picker. Each item has a chance to be grabbed twice. So if you are the initiator and you really like the gift that you picked, there's no room to relax yet because your gift might be taken away from you. But don't fret, once it's your moment to pick again, you may grab that item back if it is still available. In this scheme of exchanging gifts, there should be an assigned tracker to know which items are still up for grabs.
Basically, in this scheme of exchanging gifts, everyone should bring a "grabbable" gift. Something na pag-aagawan talaga! I again brought the universal adapter and it was very mabenta to my fellow educators. I just realized that every single one of them is an avid traveler. :) Other hit items were the coffee maker, the charger organizer (but op kors, mga OC!), the light towel (again, matched for a frequent traveler) and the Mojito!
This is us post-gift grabbing. Everyone's happy! Everyone's buchog! Til next year peeps!


KGM said...

Merry Christmas Rian! Nice pics. May isang shot na huling-huli si Mike na kumakain ng bbq. Hahaha. Which reminds me, I have to go back to blogging. :)

Rian Gabor said...

Wahaha! Oo nga Sir Fer noh, napansin ko lang nung sinabi mo. Hehe. Happy new year Sir! Lagi ko inaabangan ang pagbabalik mo (sa blog). :D