This is just too cool not to deserve a post! Haha. Sorry, I've been meaning to shout this out since June pa. But it always slips my mind. Nothing special, just a cool coincidence in my work life:

My boss in the Educational Technology Department (EdTech) is 
Mam Cherylle Ramos.
My boss in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) is 
Mam Cheryl Ramos-Peralta.

I both address them as Mam Che. Luckily, my two offices are in two separate buildings, one in Medicine Bldg and the other one in Central Library. The separate location helps me eliminate the confusion. When someone says, "Nakita mo ba si Mam Che?" I immediately know who they're talking about if I'm inside the Medicine Bldg and vice versa. :)


Che Ramos said...

During my first teaching stint in 1992, I had a chance to meet a student named Cheryl Ramos. I told her that if ever I will marry my boyfriend...both of us will have the same name in the future. =)

Rian G. said...

Hi Mam Che! *waves*