Cebu, round 2!

December 21, 2011
All over Cebu

No sleep from the previous night, I flew in to Cebu early morning and went back to Manila at the end of the day. To prepare for the upcoming Cebu Congress (February 2012), the PPTA president (Mam Gay) and I went to meet the heads of all three PT schools in Cebu: Velez College, Southwestern University and Cebu Doctor's University. It had been a very worthwhile visit. We were able to accomplish a lot of things. We met with Assistant Dean Romel Cabazor (Velez College) who accompanied us throughout the day, jumping from one school/hospital to another. He's such a nice person; he has a very warm aura according to Mam Gay. I couldn't agree more.

After a brief meeting with Sir Romel, we went straight to Southwestern University to meet up with Dean Dr. Adorable (cute surname right? but of course we pronounce it the Pinoy way). We toured their rooms and newly-renovated PT skills laboratory. Cool! I think UST should renovate our plinths too.
 Next, we headed to Cebu Doctor's Hospital. There we met with Dr. Ramiro (Dean of CDU) and he gave us a lot of ideas and suggestions to improve the program and some other matters not related to the PT Congress. Hehe. Cool doctor! He's got so much plans for the betterment of rehabilitation in Cebu.

Here's our late lunch at Jo's Chicken Inato:
That's Sir Jiggs, the PT internship coordinator of Velez College. Ang sarap sobra ng lunch na'to! (Sorry sa ibang photos, bawas na ung pagkain. Sumunggab muna ako sa food bago ko naisipang i-document). Natatakam ako dun sa tinola, parang gusto kong balik-balikan!
After lunch, we went to scout for possible venues for the Congress. We went to SM Cebu to inquire about their conference halls. Hindi pwede, sobrang maingay! We went to UP Cebu and that was our last stop. :)
So that's basically it. My first official business trip na fly in, fly out! Parang to the moon and back lang in one day. Hehe. :) See you again soon, Cebu!

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