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I'm in the middle of a decision-making, mind-boggling phase of my life right now. It's nothing serious. It's just that I wanted to try something different lately. Something not PT. I wanted to study again, take a short course that is not in any way related to my current profession. I've been browsing the web of a certain school for the list of their short courses and I'm having a hard time where to start. (WARNING: next sentences are full of e-bragging). I know I have been technologically-inclined for like most part of my life (I started using the computer since Grade 1) and that I have been very patient in self-directed learning. I am proud to say that I learned Adobe Photoshop on my own. I am able to do post-processing and create animated gifs. I learned how to edit Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) by trial-and-error (thanks to Multiply where it all started) and struggled really hard in learning the HTML (thank you Wordpress!). I am the person who decided to let go of Microsoft and fully-embraced Linux in a decision that was made in under a minute. Linux (Ubuntu) is not for the faint-hearted, it will really test your programming skills. I am happy that God gave me this computer aptitude that gives me the ability to somehow help other people in troubleshooting their PCs (and sometimes Mac). I can say that these are the things that usually keep me up 'til morning but all the puyat and pagod are so worth it. And I don't mind staying up late for these things. They test my patience.

I want to formalize my craft in this field. I'll probably take a course that says "basic" on it, something that will erase or polish my "trial-and-error" concept of things. Pray with me in my decision-making. I don't want this to be a waste of effort and resources. Thank you!

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