PT department getchigeder

It has been quite some time since the PT department went out for dinner. We grabbed the opportunity last Tuesday knowing that next day (Nov 30) is a holiday. Belated happy birthday Gat Andy Bonifacio. :)

We just had a simple dinner at Cabalen Mall of Asia. We had activities planned but we were so buchog to stand and leave the confines of Cabalen so most of the activities were bumped at a later time. We decided to stay a little bit longer and dedicated that moment to chatting and catching up (yes, because it's always work stuff that we talk about at school so that night we just talked about each other). I took very few pictures of the group, shutterbug is still in hibernation:

Sir D2, Abi and Ian

Ven and +1 Tristan

Louis and +1 Meme

Mam Che & Sir Mike's +2: Pia & Mica
meters away from the Christmas tree by the bay

We originally planned to do bowling and/or ice skating. Lazer too was in the options but there's no Lazer area within MOA. The original plan didn't push through since the ice skating rink was already closed by the time we walked out of Cabalen. I wanted to go bowling because the last time I played was when I was in highschool pa. Plus I want to know how it feels to be in my bestfriend Dimple's shoes (of course, ndi naman ung pro level like her, hehe). For some reason, not everyone was up for it because they had to buy socks pa and stuff. Hehe. Instead, we decided to walk along the San Miguel bay to look for a KTV bar. Epic fail ang MOA sa KTV at Lazer. The group decided to go to Music Box along Macapagal but I chose to come home early coz I wasn't feeling well (READ: 2 hours ang tulog the other night, and the other other night). I was just happy to spend some time with my workmates away from school and away from all the loads of work.

a golden shot of the golden statue of Pacman and other Dakilang Pinoy

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