A feeling of hope

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my life. I know, I know. Who doesn't? But my 'genre' of thinking is more on the 'worry' side. I keep convincing myself that everything is ALL right (not "going to be", but ALL right). I'm having a hard time doing so. Times like these, I turn to my bestfriends because, believe it or not, they always have the smartest and most effective answers in the whole wide world. However, I don't always have the luxury of chance to just call them and say, "hey, I'm feeling a bit down, can we meet?". They also have their own share of problems and they are not shrinks. Hehe.

So here I am, still puzzled and confused where to turn to or what to do. I've noticed I always feel this way whenever a new semester is about to start. It's depressing, really! I'm so thankful that I always get out of each semester alive and in one piece, but I'm always scared of what the next semester holds for me. The past 7 semesters of teaching were both amazing and exhilarating (and can I add exhausting?). Thank God for sembreaks (and Christmas breaks!) If only I do have the assurance that I will survive each semester, then I don't have to be this worrywart that I am right now.

When I started this entry, I had a feeling that a few paragraphs later I will be enumerating my frustrations. Not that I'm campaigning for sympathy from my readers but most of the time, writing them down somehow helps in easing the heaviness one feels. But I've decided not to extend  the negativity of my life frustrations to whoever will read this entry. Good vibes, good vibes! Only these will accompany me throughout the rest of the school year. Thank you Lord for not giving up on me, ever. Thank you for that feeling of hope. :)

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