Dirrrrrty and Schmelly Wednesday!

This is the dirtiest I've been in my 4 years of teaching Orthotics and Prosthetics Laboratory. Haha! I really love this subject and all the activities that go with it! Last Wednesday, we built our positive mold, one for each group (5 members each, 12 groups all-in-all, two sections). By the way, the mold is a replica of the patient's foot, either left or right. I couldn't take a pic of my students' end-products because my hands were full of Plaster of Paris powder. I'll prolly do it 2 weeks from now once they've submitted their final output.

Anyway, I was alone during the first session (there were supposed to be three lab instructors for 32 students but Sir Ivan is in Thailand for a conference and Sir Alvin is not feeling well). Fortunately, Sir Darren joined me for our second session. My back hurt a little less. But I smelled like I was bathed with kerosene after that 6-hour lab session. We needed the kerosene to peel-off the negative mold from the positive mold. There's no exhaust fan in our skills lab hence we all smelled like kerosene-bathed people. Grrr! I didn't bring bath essentials because I wasn't expecting that I'd be this dirty and smelly (I just removed the top part of the scrubs to expose my clean shirt underneath it). I even got the nerve to go to my other office (Educational Technology Department, still in UST), stayed there for two hours to conduct a Microsoft Excel training for one of my colleagues. But wait! My smelly and dirty saga didn't end there! I even went to Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to submit a completion report regarding a continuing professional education activity I was in-charge of last month (the Running Seminar, click here to see my post about it!). Talk about being shameless of how I look and how I smell. I frequently sneezed but that's okay. Haha! On the good side, no one in EdTech and PRC actually noticed how dirty my bottom scrubs were that day! Maybe they smelled me smell like kerosene but didn't bother to mention it and that's A-okay! Okay, that's it for this nonsense entry. Next up, I'm gonna talk about our thanksgiving dinner! Watch out!

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