Bessies at Don Ricardo's, Calapan City

Look what I found! When was this Dimple and Zen? In my memory card, it says the photos were taken January 14, 2006. But I'm sure that's not right. Maybe the camera's date was not set properly. I'm pretty sure we did this post-2009. My clue is the netbook (my mother's netbook was a Christmas gift from my sister when we were in Dubai December of 2009). Before your last uwi Dimps, kelan ka pa huling andito? :)


lostkid said...

This is March or April 2010 :)Kasi I have braces pa rin that time.. Nakakamiss!!! Dapat tlaga out of the country trip na next time! :)

Rian Gabor said...

Tama! Kelangan na talaga! Pansin ko lang kasi, puro pizza and pasta ang pinupuntahan natin pag magkakasama tayong tatlo. Fazzoli's (your despedida), La Piadina (early this year), Ricardo's (x2 -- although the first one, tayo lang dalawa kasi di umuwi ng Calapan si Archenyo!).