2012 Planner: to buy or to BB?

As early as 4th week of October last year, I already had my own 2011 planner. I got sooo curious with the insides of Belle de Jour Power Planner that I bought it way ahead of time so I can have an early sneak peak. Right now, I can actually say that it's the MOST sulit (in terms of price) planner I have ever had in my life. Well, of course I still love all of the Papemelroti planners that I had. But when it comes to extra features, BDJ is the best! All pages are very useful for females who want everything as organized as possible, like me I guess. :) No coffee shop planner can measure up to what this planner has. There are 64 discount coupons to A LOT of stores that you can use all throughout the year. But I did not use any of them, sayang. Tamad talaga akong pumunta sa mall to shop for clothes and shoes. I usually go there to eat! Would you believe that out of the 10 pairs of shoes I bought this year, 8 of them are online purchases. Hihi. Going back, what I loved most in this planner are the following: Bills Flow Tracker, Cash Flow Tracker, Health Checklist, Vision board, and the Christmas Gift List.

Sad to say that I only got to use 2/3 of the planners weekly layout, mostly for my TO-DO list. I stopped using it since early September. Why? Because I have everything in my Blackberry. Ever since I started using the "Tasks" feature of my BB, I never got to update my to-do list in my planner anymore. Ever since I synced my Google Calendar with my BB Calendar, I never got to visit the "Months" page of my planner anymore. My BB Memo pretty much took the place of my "Random Ramblings" page. In short, I was able to maximize my BB to organize almost every detail of my professional and personal life. It came to a point when I didn't have to bring my planner to work anymore.

Last month, BDJ launched their 2012 planner. It's nice! It has the same features as 2011. I'm still thinking whether I should buy one. I'm kind of hesitant because I might just neglect to use it since I already have my BB as my power planner and all. On the other hand, the BDJ planner is very sulit with all its features and discounts. For a price of Php 598, purchasing one is way cheaper than buying 20+ cups of coffee (for a planner + diabetes + weight gain). I guess I might have to stick with my BB. Or both. But that would be confusing and time-consuming to update. Oh well, I still have 40 days before the new year starts. I've got plenty of time to decide!

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