Treating a Runner by Karen Gonzalez || 10/22/11 || Quorum Centre Pasig

I'm glad to share with you these photos of the recently-held PPTA Balikbayan Seminar: TREATING a RUNNER by Ms. Karen Gonzalez, a PT from Florida. The following topics were tackled during the seminar: biomechanics, common running injuries, assessment and treatment. I read and summarized the feedback from all of the participants and they made me smile.

We've got the best sponsors in this event. The lecture hall was nice and the marketing managers were really kind to give their all-out support, including Mr. Toby Claudio himself of Toby's Sports. (Talk about being geek-struck when I saw him approaching the registration table were I sat during most part of the event). We didn't expect that there will be running stuff and gift certificates to be given away. I got excited when Mr. Lawrence Navarro (Marketing Manager of Toby's, Runnr, and Urban Athletics) mentioned about it halfway through the seminar day. We raffled GCs for Toby's Store, a pair of shoes from Brooks, another pair from Newton, ice gripper from Pro-Tec and trigger point tool from Newton. I know organizers weren't supposed to join raffles of the event they conduct, but we (PPTA Officers) decided to put our names in the bowl just for the kick of it. Hehe. I got picked for the Brooks shoes, but of course, that was forfeited.

The program included a running bootcamp at the end of the day but only a handful attended it since it was only optional. The moment I started jogging to warm-up my muscles, I already knew that the bootcamp is going to be hard and that I expected DOMS all over my body the next day. But I was wrong! Ms. Karen gave us a gentle but still challenging program. We all enjoyed it very much (I believe!). We even got to see some shoe-lacing techniques depending on the foot condition that one is addressing. Cool! Meron palang ganun noh. I didn't know. (I'm a I was a swimmer, not a runner. :))

The bootcamp ended at around 7:00pm. We were all so hungry so we decided to dig in for some healthy and yummy dinner. Ms. Karen and her sister joined us (Sir Arth, Mam Gay and moi) for dinner at Mann Hann, Market Market. We let Sir Arth do his expertise in creating the best dinner set for the night. He never fails in doing that, every single time! Obviously, that's one of the perks of owning your own Chinese restaurant. :D

There you have it, my short simple post about what I did during the last PPTA Balikbayan Seminar. For more photos, you may visit this link. 'Til next!

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