Tummy Porn: RUB, Cibo and Figaro

Yes, it's foodam day for me, Eilu, Joice and Toshi. The weird thing is, I brought my camera but forgot to take snapshots of the ribs in RUB! I'm not sure whether it's because I'm too hungry that's why I dug in right away or I just totally forgot about it. I remembered lang right after we finished everything. Hihi. So the only foodam pics I can share right now would be the Cibo and Figaro (we ordered cakes lang but we were not able to eat them after the whole Cibo shebang! READ: too bondat!). Toshi had to leave early for work hence there were only three of us who shared all the "foodses" below.

I love food places with good lighting. It helps make my snapshots cooler than ordinary. Hehe. And I don't even need to photoshop these shots (I stopped post-processing my day-to-day photos since 2009 when I had my DSLR).

About the food, everything was nice. This was my first time in RUB and Cibo by the way. RUB's ribs are second best to Mam Emily's home-made ribs (which I really miss sobra). RUB uses A1 steak house sauce so you'll never go wrong with the dip. Their potato salad, fries and mashed are good and they really complemented the taste of the ribs. Simply put, nagampanan nila ang tungkulin nila bilang side dishes! We ordered the Family Brunch (2 whole slabs of ribs + 3 side dishes), a pitcher of their houseblend iced tea and an extra side dish, all in all for a price of 900++. Cheap right?! Yummy and cheap!

Cibo dishes put me in a brief food coma. My tummy was at its biggest. Luckily, I was wearing my ultimate food trip outfit: loose shirt plus leggings. No belts during food trip! Mahirap naka-jeans for there's no room for tummy expansion. You'll have to adjust your belt hole pa in order to gain more room for your tummy while sitting. Cibo dishes we ordered: Spinaci Zola, Pesce Affumicato, and Farfalle Alla Genovese.

I've been craving for red velvet cake since last Saturday. I've searched online where I could get a delivery of red velvet cakes/cupcakes within Manila area. No luck. Right before we went to Gateway for dinner, we searched the net for a place with recommendable red velvet cake. We got Figaro! The cake above was the last piece on display (and last piece for that day). I bought it and Mam Joice bought a blueberry cake instead. After dinner, we didn't eat the cakes right away. Why? Food coma after Cibo, remember?


JoiceyTwenty said...

Sobrang sarap ng food sa Cibo... Paguwi ko ng bahay I searched for recipes for Pesto and spinach dip kase gusto ko syang lutuin for my bday. Hahaha. Plus ribs! Magpapaturo ako kay Mam Ems! Weeehhh sorrooop!

Rian Gabor said...

Oo nga. How come I've never tried eating in Cibo before. If kelangan mo ng taste tester, *ahem*, andito lang ako. Haha. Actually nung nalaman ni mam ems nung monday morning na maglulunch tayo sa RUB, sabi nya, wag na daw at puntahan na lang daw natin sya sa Tues lunchtime at sya na mismo gagawa ng ribs for us. Ayaw ko naman sya abalahin, matagal gumawa ng smoked-ribs e. Sabi ko next time na lang, marami pa naman tayo foodam days e.

eilu said...

*cough cough* Pizza Porchetta *cough cough*