Rian's Random Homemade Dessert: Chinese Hami topped with Pistachio-Cashew Ice Cream

I've been a fan of crazy desserts ever since I can remember. I define crazy dessert as something out of the ordinary, something with ingredients that you wouldn't think would go along, and something I just whipped up randomly. I can't remember exactly when I started making these desserts but I believe I've made a lot already. That is exactly why I started this post. This is my attempt at documenting whatever random dessert I make out of the ingredients available inside my refrigerator and cupboard.

For tonight, I sliced fresh melons (the chinese hami variant, my most favorite I guess) and I topped it with Pistachio and Cashew ice cream from Selecta. This dessert that I just made is quite different from what I expected. Their tastes got along just fine. There's no bitter after-taste. Before, I always eat my melons as is. I don't like its taste especially if mixed with milk. Mapait. This one's different. Try it and see for yourself. :)

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