Len and Omai's baby shower

Len and Omai's wedding, 24 July 2010

I can still remember Len and Omai's beautiful wedding. I'm so happy to witness their fairy tale come true. And I am much even happier when Len told me during her birthday that she's already 5 months pregnant. I'm just overwhelmed with happiness for everything that Len and Omai have been receiving in their lives as husband and wife.

Last October 8, I took the bus to Nueva Ecija together with Shen and Chingcle to celebrate with the Alejo and Diaz families as they throw a baby shower party for Khyle (yes, he is a baby boy). We spent 90% of the night chatting and catching up (hence the scarcity of photos below). Thanks so much Len and Omai for a wonderful dinner. God bless!

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