Special project: configuring phpMyadmin and mySQL

I'm learning something new, something special, something extraordinary for someone who finished an allied health course. This will test my patience. But I believe in myself. I started tinkering the computer since I was 6 years old and most of the things I know about computer are due to exploration only (self-study), hence the confidence and assurance that I can do this. I am interested to learn more about this side of technology: how to create your own website, its database, and go around the server. The language is 80% jargon to me. But I need to persevere. Gone are the days when I am just satisfied with the outcome of my blog page after editing its CSS. Time to move on to something harder but probably better. I want to learn more. This is my special project. I started by installing. I thank the Lord for giving me an aptitude (in computer use) that is taller than my actual height. I love technology. I'll get by.

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