Paperless billing: nag-enroll ka na ba?

I support paperless transactions 100%! I'm part of the Educational Technology (EdTech) Department of UST and most, if not all of our transactions there are paperless. We don't have the usual bulk of printed forms available at the secretary's office. But we do print forms if needed (which is very very rare considering that reservations and scheduling are available via online transactions).

The reasons why I like paperless transactions/billing are summed up in three points:
  1. It's easier to maintain all your files in your computer folders rather than in an actual folder made of carton. Rearranging them is as easy as ABC. In an actual folder, your usual bestfriends are: the stapler, some paper clips, the puncher and fastener too, perhaps! On the other hand, if you go paperless, your bestfriends now will be: save as, rename, copy and paste.
  2. Less paper in one's house means less mess to think about. READ: less clutter!
  3. Environment-friendly. (Although, with the very small amount of people supporting paperless transactions, I don't think that it does really make a good 'something' for the environment. Perhaps, in due time. Kaya nga join na! I-enroll na yang mga bills na yan online!)
This is one proof that I really am my mother's daughter. She's the OC-iest person I've ever known when it comes to bills and important documents. Kaya nga wala kaming (magkakapatid) naging problem sa requirements sa schools, government offices and such. Pero I think, sa aming magkakapatid, ako lang ang ganito. Hehe. (Topak? Hindi naman, organized lang talaga. Naksss!) And hindi naman malala yang ginawa ko. I just clipped them altogether per company.

So anyway, with all this paperless transaction talk, where does one begin? Perhaps, you might want to switch from paper billing to electronic bills? Don't worry. If you're too scared that you might lose your files (ergo your e-bills too) due to a virus, you can still retrieve your e-bills online via the account that you've made for each company(i.e. Meralco, Sun). Or you can contact customer service representative and request for another pdf copy of your bill. Here's a list of sites you might want to visit for subscription.
Credit card companies:

At marami pang iba! Google them, pero ingat! Secured site has HTTPS on their URL instead of http lang. Remember also that this feature is for free. If you subscribe to Sky Cable e-bills, they even have this: The Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. will receive a P4 donation for every bill that is sent exclusively through your email. Meaning, nakatipid ka na ng papel, nakatulong ka pa sa isang foundation. :)

So pwede rin ba ang paperless transaction para sa quizzes and exams ng mga students? It's a combination of yes and no. How about you guys, what do you think?

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