GUEST POST #1: Eilu's 2 cents on 2 local TV shows

Starting today, I'll be publishing guest posts written by my favorite possessors of beautiful minds. I already have some people in mind. Most of them are my friends who are not into blogging but are frequent sharers of thought-provoking POVs, dumbfounding ideas or even hilarious comments about anything under the sun.

This entry is written by my friend Eilu (who also came up with this 'guest posting' idea). Enjoy!

Current peeve: idioticy of local shows- I do my best to avoid watching, but my sister likes them, so I see them from time to time.

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#1 Biggest Loser Philippines. 

Gripe #1: Fitness trainers aren't PTs. They're "US certified trainers" (CSCS, I guess) and they're focused on athletes. Exercise for athletes and exercise for weight loss are two different things. Did they study human physiology? I certainly don't think so, with the exercises they're chosen- I see the contestants doing plyometrics. With all due respect, my dear trainers, plyometrics is for power, not weight loss. Besides, their definition of good cardio seems to be "get on the treadmill and run like hell." I don't think they do things like compute for THR or METs. And they're reinforcing the idea that any exercise that makes you sweat a lot makes you lose weight (well, yeah, but water weight and fat weight are different things)

Gripe #2: Unrealiable measures. Here you see their total lack of knowledge on human physiology, since their measures are only weight lost and BMI. Are you really measuring fat loss? BMI is terribly misleading. For example, Manny Pacquiao has a BMI of 24.5- borderline overweight and Batista's BMI is 33.5, obese (based on declared height and weight from Wikipedia). Clearly neither of these people are unhealthy shambling mounds of fat. That's because *we* know BMI does not differntiate between fat and muscle. Also, volume-for-volume, muscle is denser and weighs more than fat- do they take that into account? They should use fat percentages, but I guess that's too much work for them.

Gripe #3: Stacked against women. Biggest Loser is all about "hard work" of the contestants, but unless they make adjustments to their criteria, it's very improbable for a woman to win. Physiologically, women have more fat than men- do they take that into account? Also, women loose fat and gain muscle at a slower pace. No amount of hard work can change that. Besides, what about those times of the month when a woman retains water due to her menstrual cycle? If she lost 5lbs of fat this week, but retained 3lbs of water because of her cycle, well, in the wiegh-in it will look like she's only lost 2lbs. "Hard work," diet and exercise won't change that, unless they're secretly giving her testosterone of something. Also, boobs. Boobs are almost entirely fat- fat that no amount of diet can decrease. Do they weigh the boobs and take them out of their computations?

Gripe#4: Unhealthy and unsustainable weight loss. The idea of the show is "Lose weight as fast as you can." Also known in medical circles as developing cachexia or anorexia. And the lifestyle changes they institute in their isolated boot camp may not hold up to the real world where you don't just exercise all day but have sedentary desk jobs.

#2 Racism in telenovelas
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I just find Kim Chu's Binondo Girl terribly offensive. Notice how all the bad people making her life miserable are Chinese and all the good friends she has are Filipino. This is a girl who supposedly went to a Chinese school and lives in the middle of Chinatown- yet all her friends are Filipinos. Not one Chinese friend. It's implying that all the Chinese people are mean and don't want to be friends with her. Also, what the hell with the Chinese people's names- Chen and Yuan? The writer just pulled those out of his a$$- "hey, they sound Oriental, ok na!" Chinese names have two syllables. Zhang Zhi Yi for example. Zhang is the last name, Zhi Yi is the name proper. Occasionally some people use just one, but that's as a nickname and not a proper name. Besides, we don't even do that any more- Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Jose Rizal, Lorenzo Ruiz etc. etc. Chinese people in the Philippines use local naming conventions. So it's an English/Western first name + a last name.

Also, why the hell are they speaking Mandarin Chinese? Chinese people in the Philippines speak Hokkien. That's like making a movie about Visayans but having them speak Ilocano. Probably they just went "eh, Chinese is Chinese, whatever"

I just find their portrayals offensive and simplistic. It's like they're going "oooh, looky! Chinese poeple are sooooo exotic!" In all fairness to them, most likely they aren't doing it on purpose. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance. However, if you're making a show with Chinese characters, shouldn't you at least get to know Chinese culture? Isn't it your responsibility not to be ignorant about those things?

Also, there's GMA's Amaya, which is supposedly about ancient Filipinos, but all the important characters are lily-white and paler than pale. I guess ancient Filipinos already had sunscreen, used bleaching and ate glutathione all the time. *sigh*

To end on a random and lighter note, here are some weird words for you:
cicatrize: to heal by scar formation
purlicue: dangkal in English; the space between the extended forefinger and thumb.


Joice said...

hahahaha ang galing talaga ni eilu!:D

Rian Gabor said...

@joicecarrido I know right! Kung anu-ano naiisip nung batang un! Hehehe. At nakakatuwa mga comments nya sa bagay-bagay. This one, hindi lang nya napigilan. E usually I ask her muna before she sends me an email, nagulat na lang ako, kilometric ang kanyang thoughts sa aspetong eto. Hehe.