Varekai: The Last Full Show

Cirque du Soleil has 11 resident shows in places like Las Vegas, LA, Orlando, Tokyo and Macau; and 11 touring shows all over the world, one of which is Varekai. Last night, I had the chance to be part of their audience on their last full show here in Manila.

I just posted this picture to show you some of my tweets last night to avoid redundancy. :) The show was great. However, it didn't match my expectations. I first heard of Cirque du Soleil 9 years ago but this was my first time to see them. I regret that I didn't watch them in Tokyo where they have this resident theatre (ZED), a giant arena within the Tokyo Disney Resort. I didn't get to see them in Macau as well (ZAIA).

The reason why it didn't match my expectations is because I know they are world class performers. Having originated from Canada, that's no question at all. But earlier this year, I've seen SPLENDIDE, a Chinese National Acrobatic Circus which showed from Dec 25, 2010 to January 2, 2011. I'm not gonna say they are better than the performers of CdS but for me, the entertainment was the same.

The thing I loved most about Varekai is the MUSIC! Gosh! Sooo enchanting. I was amazed at the songs more than the acrobatics. Of course the stunts made me hold my breath and kept me at the edge of my seat most of the time, but being the music lover that I am, wala na! I was in trance mode for almost two hours. The voice of the singers were magical. The violinist was superb, and the rest of the musicians as well. I will never forget your music, Varekai.

My ticket

Here are some of the pictures I took last night. Of course, sa labas lang. No one is allowed to take pictures of the inside especially during performance (I took one photo just to show the volume of people inside the Grand Chapiteau). I'm telling you, the venue was jam-packed. Or more like sardinas-packed!

I want to see the rest of their shows especially the ones in Macau and in Vegas. Thank you Cirque du Soleil for the entertainment.

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