Perfect Attendace: Incubus in Manila for the 3rd time

They were here for the 3rd time and I was there for the 3rd time. I'm telling you, it gets less and less interesting just like their songs. :( I wasn't actually planning to go to this concert until the night before. During that night, I already accepted the fact that tickets might be sold out na. I searched in twitter for "digital" scalpers. I found one and I got relieved instantly of the fear that I might not see the concert. The person was selling two Gen. Ad tickets. I only needed one. I didn't plan to go with anyone.

That same night, I asked Joice if she's going to the Incubus concert and she said yes. She even suggested that I buy the Upper Box B ticket because that's what she bought. I said "nagtitipid ako" and I really just want to "listen" (literally) to them. Come concert night, the "digital" scalper stood me up (said her friend already sold the tickets to someone) and the Gen. Ad tickets were already sold out when we got there. So I bought the upper box B to join Joice and her highschool friend Carlo (really funny and cool guy).

Here's a photo taken by Joice during the show.

Here's their setlist:

Incubus Setlist Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines 2011, If Not Now, When?

Blast from the past:


JoiceyTwenty said...

thanks Mam Rian!! it was my first time to see them kaya i relatively enjoyed the night naman, hehe=) pero totoo, the new songs are alien na talaga. hehe!

Rian Gabor said...

Naku Mam, mas thank you! Kasi you let me join you talaga. :) Saka salamat sa pictures. thanks din kay Carlo for the taco bell stuff. :)