New look, new blogging era (exponential naksss!)

After more than 4 years of being just a little back-up site for my multiply account, finally my blogspot is ready for public consumption. My multiply's fate is bright, it will still run (thanks to cross-posting functionality of both multiply and blogger platforms).

Special thanks to the very talented G2, Gtwo, G2bero, Gary Jose, Mang Jose. He made my banner [fresh from Virginia]. He has been making my banners and backgrounds for years now. From an anbu version of myself, to arrancar, to an exploding teacher and many more. He is superb! Click here to visit his site. You'll definitely love his gallery.

The theme for my banner is simple: all the things I love. I like tinkering with gadgets (icon: green laptop), I love food (icon: plate set), I love music (icon: musical notes), I love movies/TV series (base picture: film), I love anything Filipino like locally-made products and places (icon: flag), and I love everything colorful in my life (family, friends, travel, etc.).

As for the base color of my page, I chose white. Nothing is cleaner than white. Nothing is purer than white. It's pleasing and very relaxing to the eyes. WHITE!

Now, if someone could only teach me how to add a photostream in a blog entry, I would be really glad knowing that I can maximize the use of my blogger.

Bye for now.

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