My love for online shopping and Johnny Air Cargo

Perhaps most of you already know about my love addiction for online shopping. Here in our country, my usual buys are shoes (Suelas, POSH Pocket to name a few) and bags (Pinay Purse). Recently, I added a new product to my online shopping craze: furnitures! Yep. Hehe. Although I haven't bought anything yet because I'm still "window" shopping (as in window sa computer, hehe). Go to Home Value Concept's site, they're my favorite!

On the other hand, some products (cute and useful) & gadgets that I need are hard to find in our local online stores. What do I do? Simple! Prance around famous online stores like e-bay and Amazon. Next question is: how do I get my items? Simple! Through a trusted forwarding company. USPS? Nope. Don't get me wrong, they've got good service. Your products will get to the Philippines in no time. But once your products reach our Customs office, ah wala na! Patay na. Asa ka pang hindi ka maglalabas ng malaking datung para matubos mo ang package mo.

In my desperation and eagerness, I asked around and searched throughout the whole blogosphere (bloggers are the best endorsers EVER!). That's when I came to know my new love and the bestfriend of my online shopping abroad: JOHNNY AIR CARGO!

I've already made a few transactions with Johnny Air Cargo and I must say they are superb in this business called forwarding. I love them! It is owned by a Filipino and most of their staff both here and in the USA are Filipinos. I think most of JAC customers would agree if I say that they're very accommodating and they work really fast. Analyn Diego, their main contact in US branches, regularly replies to my email and answers all my inquiries in less than 24 hours (48 hours tops!).

Earlier today, I did my latest trip to JAC Megamall (before today, I was there June 24). I instantly fell in love with those three boxes that carried my items from USA to Manila (the watches are for my cousin's micro-business).

Anyone out there who's hesitant to shop abroad through online stores because you're thinking your pocket might get raped by those Customs people? Fear not. Ask me how to transact with JAC and I will gladly explain the process to you. Better yet, email these very accommodating staff of JAC NY and JAC Makati respectively:

Analyn Diego at

Christine G. Villaranda -
SOL Department - Retail
Johnny Air Cargo
L/G Floor CJV Bldg.

108 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village
Makati City
(0632) 7503821/8170781

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