Bicycle lane pretty please!

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After I finished my MS degree, I could not help but think of the perfect gift to myself. I thought of an out-of-town trip but my travel bug is still in hibernation. Perhaps a make-up set so that I can finally look like a woman but I'm pretty sure it will end up untouched inside my dresser just like the other sets I had before. Then I thought of something healthy, like a new pair of running shoes. But I remembered my knees hurt whenever I run (probably because of the few pounds I gained over the summer). Plus, the latest pair of running shoes I bought in Abu Dhabi still looks new to me even after 1.5 years (READ: hindi ginagamit).

After weeks and weeks of thinking, I suddenly remembered Mam Emily's bicycle that was stolen inside UST (yes, the nerve of that magnanakaw!) about almost two years ago. I remembered her biking stories when she was still in the US. She bikes for approximately 50 to 80 miles per day, to and from work, and during weekend trips to some place where her cycling prowess is challenged by the terrain. I love the thought of biking to and from work. And with the proximity of my apartment to my workplace, it is not impossible for me to do this! So I was set to buy my own bike. I got so excited since it has been ages since I last owned a bike (BMW este BMX pala, 1990's pa). Mam Emily even told me she'd help me configure the best bike for me, in proportion to my height and other anthropometric measurements.

I saved up. I know how costly these things could get especially if you're eyeing for a lightweight body and if high quality materials were used. I want my first bike to be more than just an ordinary bike. :) Actually, I want two! Hehe. One is going to be a girly type of bike with a cute basket in front and the other one is going to be my sporty bike, one that I will use for outdoor trips and the like. Too ambitious noh?!

April had passed, no bike. May had ended, still haven't bought the bike. Then June and July, still no bicycle.

I suddenly thought why all of a sudden I lost the zeal in owning a bike two bikes. You wanna know why? Answer: DANGEROUS STREETS OF MANILA. I suddenly realized I am in a place where public utility vehicle drivers nor private car owners have respect to pedestrians and people riding smaller vehicles. Not to mention the stubbornness of motorcycle drivers!!! Huwattdafudge!

I know I am NOT a reckless car driver (I think my father would disagree to this but WTH, he doesn't read my blog naman) and I know I am responsible enough to follow traffic rules so I guess I can ride my bike to and from school. But of course, the situation changes when majority of the things you want to happen are out of your hands. As if I can control the way jeepney drivers navigate the highway. Or as if I can tell every single motorcycle driver to just stay on one side of the road and don't be too makulit with matching pa-swerve swerve pa! I can't! I don't want to die young just because of someone else's stubbornness and stupidity. (Can you imagine how brave Mam Emily is? Biking from SM North EDSA Area to UST is no joke!)

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I hope MMDA and DPWH can do something about this. The presence of bicycle lanes will not only lessen heavy traffic volume in our streets but it will also lessen vehicular accidents (I guess). I am looking forward to seeing Manila with bicycle lanes. Only then can I truly feel the eagerness of owning my first mountain bike.

P.S. Meanwhile, I decided to buy something else with the money I saved for my graduation gift to myself. HINT: it is flat, it is 40" wide (or diagonally, whatevah!) and it is high-def. I am now enjoying the HD-ness of my Sony PS3 with this new baby of mine! A big addition to my tiny apartment.

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