Sambo Kojin with Nevin

When he was still in Chicago, we had a lot of talks about food and the newest, latest yummy places in Manila. One time, he craved for Yakimix which led to setting another foodie date (the first one being a pizza food trip). Fast forward to April 29, we had our reservations set but not at Yakimix. We decided to try another yakiniku smokeless grill: SAMBO KOJIN (in Eastwood). A lot of people raved about it. I even read from a blogger that if 2010 is the year of Yakimix, 2011 is gonna be Sambo Kojin's!

Guess which is mine? If you know me too well, walang kaabog-abog you'd say in a heartbeat: the watermelon shake! I know right, it's all over my "tummy porn" entries.

I don't have much photos to post. I wasn't feeling well that day (you're right, Miggy attacked again!). If it wasn't for Miggy, I would have enjoyed all the food selections and I would have had taken pictures like there's no tomorrow! Nevin suggested that we just cut our lunch date short so I can rest at home but I thought sayang naman. Right at that moment, 4/10 lang naman ung pain so I can handle it. Besides, he's enjoying it talaga I don't wanna be KJ.

Here's our table. Natuwa ako kasi may orientation pa about the different kinds of sauces and condiments placed at each table of the diners. By the way, we were seated on a table for six people kahit dalawa lang kami. The whole table was just for the two of us, no one shared it with us which is good because you don't get that awkward feeling while eating tapos may nakatingin sayong ibang tao. :D
Here's another photo from my POV. This was after a "few" rounds of food. I'm telling you, the migraine must have been a tummy-type of migraine!

I didn't know that Nevin doesn't like raw food. I was like hurricane Katrina dun sa section ng salmon sashimi tapos nagtataka ako na hindi sya kumukuha dun, yun pala hindi sya talaga fan ng raw. You're missing half of your life buddy! (Or ako yun? Colon cancer much? *Knock on wood*).

Ang pinagtataka namin ay walang peanut sauce! Nu ba yun?! >_<

Goofy faces na naman. I know, wala na talaga kaming seryosong photo together.
Pero we try naman to look serious, mukha lang talaga akong tanga. Hehe. Parang napipilitan ba?!
You know, Yakimix is so dear to me. All of my foodie moments in Yakimix are good (or great!). I wanna give a fair review to Sambo Kojin. I wasn't feeling well that day hence the limited food selection that I was able to try (limited to salmon sashimi only! hahaha). Right now, I'm not in the position to say it was so-so or it was A-okay but I'm looking forward to another visit to Sambo so I can fully enjoy their food. The only thing I can say right now, and this is the only thing I'm sure about: they have very good customer service. The staff is so nice. Salamat. Til next!

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