Reasons why UberSocial for Blackberry is better than Twitter for Blackberry

I've been in twitterverse for almost two years now (Oct 19, 2009) and I must say that I really like it more than Facebook. The truth is, I really wanna cancel my facebook account na because I'm not using it anymore. But my relatives and friends are mostly in FB. None of them actually is in twitter. Anyway, this is not about FB. This is about twitter and my most favorite mobile twitter client: UberSocial.

I've tried a LOT of twitter apps for BB before. Here they are (the ones that I do remember):
  • Twitter for BB - ~3-4 months (but still installed)
  • Viigo - 2 weeks
  • Snaptu - 3 days
  • Twitterrific - 2 days
  • Seesmic - 2 days
  • UberSocial (formerly Ubertwitter) - since October of last year
I've uninstalled the rest. I left UberSoc and use it for my personal account and Twitter for BB to maintain the PPTA twitter account (Phil_PT_A) together with PPTA Sec. Mike Gabilo (mikeptrp).

Now, here are the reasons why I like using UberSocial for my personal account more than Twitter for Blackberry:
  1. Timeline. In Twitter for BB, I don't like having to scroll down to see my last read tweet from my timeline. In UberSocial, even after refresh or exiting the app or battery pull, once you load your timeline, you don't have to look for where you left off. It automatically keeps track of where you were in your timeline (even if there are hundreds of new tweets in your timeline). Saves me from all the hassle.
  2. Twitlonger functionality. Come on, not all our thoughts can be contained under 140 characters. Sometimes, we need those extra characters to fully convey our thoughts and feelings. Haha. Oh, and by the way, when you open a tweet that is longer than 140 char, it automatically opens the whole entry and you don't need to open your browser for this.
  3. Muted users. I unfollow people na wala naman akong nakukuha kundi rants, negativities, parinig, kaartehan and all. I also don't like flooders (mga tao na pakiramdam nila ay kelangan malaman ng buong mundo bawat hakbang nila). Off they go from my follow list. One time, I unfollowed this person (super flooder) whom I didn't know was using this app that notifies you who unfollowed you. Hehe. Nahiya naman ako so I followed him again but I put him in my "muted users" list. 
  4. Symbols. UberSocial also has those symbols that I use in Twitter for BB too, and many more (Zodiac symbols, but I don't think I need these).
  5. Retrieve Picture. It automatically retrieves pictures from tweets with attached photos.
  6. Themes. You can change your theme depending on your personality or mood.
  7. NEW! "My Inner Circle".  Sometimes (or most of the time), I get that mood when all I want to read are tweets from friends and people who inspire me. Enough with those lousy news feeds and nonsense. Whenever I get this feeling, I scroll faster than usual through my timeline and skip insignificant tweets. I just wanna look at tweets of people who matter. With this new feat, it's much easier for me to read up those sensible tweets.
So there you have it, my seven reasons why UberSoc is way better than Twitter for BB. I've known a lot of people who already switched, but writing this down doesn't necessarily mean that I can convince everyone to use UberSoc. I respect each and everyone's preferences. I don't own your mobile devices so it's up to you to choose which app is best for you. If you want, you can download, install and test each of them apps. Only you can decide! :) Happy tweeting everyone!

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