Aminado ako na minsan gumagaspang pa rin ang grammar ko pag nagsasalita ako ng banyagang wika lalo na kung kabado. Minsan din, mahina ang pang-unawa ko sa mga idyoma (except Tagalog idioms) kaya paminsan-minsan natutuwa akong magbasa ng mga English idioms, their definitions and etymological meaning! Yes, it is fun to read on why or how certain idioms made it to the now very rich English language. Whenever I can't understand an idiom or whenever I am puzzled as to how it came to existence, I just google it and voila! [I would like to take this opportunity to promote my  most gasgas phrase since last month: Google owns the world, Blu-tac holds the world. Thank you, bow!]

Earlier, while I was browsing through my twitter timeline, I read a tweet from Joey Mead (yes, I am following her, I don't know why. I just thought she'll inspire me but judging by my 2-month follow, I am not getting any) that made me ask why would she say something like that?!

You see, one of my greatest pet peeves is hearing or reading hasty generalizations or slothful induction. Even if I am not a pro musician, in a snap I would know the etymological meaning of this idiom and would not judge it as USELESS! (Affected much daw ako?! Haha) She was a veejay before right? I'm pretty sure she had met a lot of musicians and had been exposed to their jargons. Then why say this?

Ok fine, it is quite silly using the phrase in another context like "having no plan" (I'm not sure if I can go to the concert or not, I'll just have to play it by ear). But come on! Wherever you look, an idiom is defined as a word or phrase which expresses something other than what it literally says. It is usually a metaphor. Kaya talagang puzzling! So you don't say that an idiom is useless just because you did NOT get it. Most of the time, it really helps to seek for its etymological meaning to fully grasp the concept (and avoid committing a logical fallacy) --> gawin ba daw critical thinking?!.

 Gumatong pa 'tong mga 'to:

Honestly, masarap magbasa ng mga definition ng idioms. Comic relief din talaga sya at times kasi matatawa ka with the capital W-H-Ys and H-O-Ws. Like: "huwat, bakit daw 'a chip on your shoulder' yun?!"

Here are some sites I have visited before:

Go visit and laugh and learn some more!

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