Hot pink cellphone for my mother

Last month, I saw my mother holding a new phone. It is a Nokia C3 (dark blue) which she actually got for free from Smart when my father applied for his postpaid line retention. I can't believe his cellphone number is still... that! It has been a decade since he first had that number.

Anyway, this is not about the Nokia C3. The story began when I asked my mother if I could have her phone since I am really a sucker for QWERTY keypad phones and that I don't like the phone that's holding my Sun SIM right now. She said, "okay lang, basta palitan mo ng bago, ung ganito din (qwerty) pero dual sim, para ndi na dalawang phone ang lagi kong dala". I said yes of course! Ang dali lang kaya maghanap ng ganun, sobrang nagkalat ang mga Pinoy-made phones na ndi lang dual sim, ndi lang qwerty keypad, WIFI-enabled na at may TV pa! Hehe.

Last Wednesday, I finished my class earlier than expected. So I had time to go to SM SanLa to scout for the phone she wanted. Looking at the different selections --Cherry mobile, MyPhone, e-something-- made me think twice of buying my mother a phone from any of those brands. I know very few people who use these brands pero I've heard both good and bad reviews about it. Good like "okay lang sya" and bad like "mabilis masira ung keypad, nagroroll ng kusa ung optical trackpad, etc."

I saw Samsung Punch at a store's gallery. I asked the sales person how much the unit costs. He said, Php 4020. I was like, really? Samsung un ah. Qwerty keypad and dual sim (not wifi-enabled and no TV though). However, what's available on display are the pink and white models. I asked if they have the one in black because "matanda kasi ang gagamit e baka ndi magustuhan kung bright ung kulay o puti". Unfortunately, pink and whites are the ones left available.

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I called Mama to ask what color she wants. I told her (with my disappointed voice) "wala na pong black e, pink na lang at white ang nandito" to which she replied: "yung pink anak ang gusto ko! Binilihan ko nga ng pink na case ung C3 ko pero ndi naman magkaigi kaya sayang lang. Pink na lang nyan ang ibili mo sa akin. Gusto ko yan!".

Hmm, you just don't know how shocked and happy I was at that moment. Shocked kasi pink ang gusto ng nanay ko! Maygadd! 57 years old na ang nanay ko noh. Happy because what she really wants is available at that moment.:)

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