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I love Filipino-made products. You just don't know how much I support these products. I won't deny that the "lady" in me sometimes wish to own designer shoes, bags and clothes. But given the chance to splurge thousands and millions of cash to shop, I'm sure the biggest chunk of it would go to Filipino-made products!

One of the products I love buying is Suelas. I already bought 9 pairs in a span of one year! Six pairs are for me, the other three for my sister in Dubai. I use these pairs interchangeably, be it a lecture at the university, PT sessions with patients, travel abroad or just a normal walk within the metro. They are so comfy and lightweight. They're so easy to pack coz they are foldable or roll-able. And even though you're traveling abroad, you don't have to worry about bringing only one pair that will match your entire wardrobe coz you can definitely bring two to three pairs or more! Siksik mo lang sa sulok sulok ng luggage mo! Hehe. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a medial longitudinal arch support. Oh well, it doesn't hurt my feet naman. I'm just worried for those with plantar fasciitis to begin with. Solution: shoppers may add sole inserts!

Earlier today, a summer surprise came knocking on my door. This surprise started when I went blog strolling a couple of weeks ago and I saw this old entry of a blogger whom I recently started following. Her name is Eileen. In her post, she said that the size 10 red-blue-white Barca she ordered won't fit her so she decided to sell it at half the original price. I posted a comment expressing my intention to buy the said pair of shoes. I didn't notice she replied agad. After a few days, she sent me an email saying that she's giving the shoes to me. Yes, G-I-V-E! Can you believe that? This is the Barca style that I've been longing for from Suelas, but stocks ran out fast when they first released it and there were no pairs left at size 9 nor 10 (my usual sizes). I just couldn't believe that 6 months after kong kulit kulitin sina Jacky and Kaye (of Suelas) kung kelan sila maglalabas ng bagong stocks ng Barca red-blue-white na sinagot naman nila nang: "Hindi na." ay may napakabuting taong magbibigay sa akin ng Barca. Maraming salamat Eileen!

Salamat Eileen for enduring the summer heat just to send this to me. I'm praying and hoping that most of our Filipino shoe manufacturers would consider making bigger sizes for girls like us. Again, thank you very much!


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Eileen said...

I'm happy na meron ka. Actually, I'm really not a fan of flat ballet shoes. Pero the red/blue/white barca is sooo hard to resist.

Sana nga, bigger sizes! Dapat may petition! :)