A song dedicated to the late "Geronimo" aka Osama Bin Laden

"Mommy, who is Osama Bin Laden and why are people happy he is dead?"
As I read tweets from mothers having hard time explaining to their kids 8-years old and below who Osama Bin Laden is, this song suddenly hit my neurons. It is one of the songs from the latest album of Deftones, Diamond Eyes. I don't know why but after reading so much news about what transpired during the helicopter assault that killed USA's number one enemy Geronimo, I suddenly thought (without any certainty but it applies) that he could actually be the "Prince" pertained to in this song.

PRINCE by Deftones

I relate to your kind your design
(your devotion to wane)
(get get get get get)
Get your brain on the Prize
Then die INSIDE

[Chorus 1:]
Mindset...of a killer
With your mind (out faith)

It's a game that we like, we crave
(yet nobody waves...)
Anyway you decide you try
Then you DIE...

[Chorus 2:]
Mindset...of a killer
With your gaze you paint the room
Blood red with your tears
Born from the stains

Hey you can't stop now,row by row, I'm all doubt
Covered in black and gold, No one cares No one knows
Look into the world outside, it's okay I'm alright
Now open your empty hand, in come the flood, in come the end.

Click the raise the device (get face)
Then clear out the room
Blow kisses wave them goodbye... GOODNIGHT...
Goodnight... GOODNIGHT

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