Mighty Morphin PT Rangers @joicecarrido

Isn't it funny when people (usually a group of friends or colleagues) wear the same color shirt. Sample: "Naka-red kayong apat, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" or "Uy, mukha kayong si Dora at si Barney" or "May sayaw kasi kami mamaya kaya kami naka-costume".

Well, it is even more rare to have a group of people to form something way way cooler even if their shirts don't match. Like what happened today in the faculty room. Our visitors Mark Yu, Mark Serra and Stephen Bianes were wearing blue, black and red, respectively. While I, Sir Val and Mam Joice were wearing yellow, green and pink, respectively. Anong pattern ang naiisip nyo? Hehehehe.

L-R: Trini, Billy, Tommy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly :D

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